Fraser Asphalt Racing

The Driver

Scott McCann

Crew Members:Bray McCann, Ryan Ballantyne, Cate McCann and Jennifer Burt
Biography:YEARS RACING: 5 HOBBIES/EDUCATION: Racing / Asphalt Political Scientist at the University of Brookside WHY DRAG RACING: My son got me into it when he was racing his Junior Dragster DREAM CLASS TO DRIVE IN: Top Dragster FAVOURITE CLASS TO WATCH: Radial vs The World FAVOURITE TRACK TO RACE AT: US 131 - Martin, Michigan ONE THING I WOULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT DRAG RACING: Meet a lot of amazing people that you end up building lifelong friendships with! "FULL SEND"

The Car

Top Dragster

Engine: 377 CI Blown Supercharged Injected SBC

Sponsors: Fraser Asphalt Paving, Core Fuels, K&K Racing, Redcap Propane, Seyler Tire, McCann Enterprises, Coco Paving, Humphrey Fleet Services, Keystone Light, Root Enterprises, Rooters Custom Coatings, Superior Sealers, Morrison Everitt SPECIAL THANKS: Scott Wildgust, John Weima, Tyler Kawalis, Blake Farnan and Ron's Precision Machine