Lowdown Hot Rods

The Driver

Brody VanDerGeld

Crew Chief:Tom VanDerGeld
Crew Members:Stephanie Wilson & Gary Irving
Biography:YEARS RACING: 11 HOBBIES/EDUCATION: Drag Racing/ Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology, Construction Project Management WHY DRAG RACING: Grew up watching my dad crew on Gary Irving's Pro Mod/Nitro Coupe DREAM CLASS TO DRIVE IN: Pro Mod, Top Fuel, Radial vs The World FAVOURITE CLASS TO WATCH: Pro Mod FAVOURITE TRACK TO RACE AT: Toronto Motorsports Park - Cayuga, Ontario "I've got a good old hot rod here. I'm almost embarrassed... Quickest don't win you championships and it don't win you races. But it sure makes you feel good - John Force"

The Car

Top Dragster

2006 Dan Page/Lowdown Hot Rods

Engine: 540" Supercharger K.B./Big Chief

Sponsors: Lowdown Hot Rods, Joe's Transmissions, Boniferro Speed and Customs