Leger Racing

The Driver

Mike Leger

Crew Members:Steve Cole, Dineen Leger
Biography:YEARS RACING: 25 HOBBIES: Drag Racing WHY DRAG RACING: Need for speed DREAM CLASS TO DRIVE IN: Top Sportsman FAVOURITE CLASS TO WATCH: Pro Mod, Top Sportsman FAVOURITE TRACK TO RACE AT: Grand Bend Motorplex - Grand Bend, ON, US 131 - Michigan, Toronto Motorsports Park - Cayuga, ON ONE THING I WOULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT DRAG RACING: Drag racing is for people who love work and hate money! "Ultimate Showdown Series is the most fun we've had in racing!"

The Car

Top Sportsman

Chevrolet Lumina

Engine: Chevrolet 632 Cid. Nitrous

Sponsors: Ajax Engines, Pro Street, Graham Race Cars