Positano Racing

The Driver

Tony Positano

Crew Members:Kelly Sams, Sean Bond, Joe Cobb TECHNICAL ADVISORS - Scott Wildgust and John Wiema
Biography:YEARS RACING: Too Long HOBBIES/EDUCATION: Golf, Hockey, Drag Racing / Humber Cornel Business Degree WHY DRAG RACING: Helping my big brother from another mother with his street 427 Nova in the early 1970s at Harvey's Jane & 401. Going to National events with John Waldie and the Pennzoil Pro Stock team, then later buying a Chevelle with my friend to drag race got me back into it... Never looked back DREAM CLASS TO DRIVE IN: Would love to drive a Top Fuel car "once" FAVOURITE CLASS TO WATCH: I have always enjoyed Pro Modified - most exciting class as a spectator FAVOURITE TRACK TO RACE AT: Got my license at Gainsville, so I have to say Gainsville - but Ontario tracks are top on my list. Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) and Grand Bend Motorplex (Grand Bend) are friendly and love the fans! ONE THING I WOULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT DRAG RACING: The most exciting sport on the planet - it's not as easy as it looks - tough competitors "Keep your foot down on the loud pedal and keep the rubber side down!"

The Car

Top Dragster

Mike Bos 260

Engine: Blown Alcohol BBC 526CI by Ajax Engines, Al Billis Super Man Blower

Sponsors: NGK Sparkplugs, Lucas Oil; Special Thank You to Brandom Kitchen & Bath Design Centre and Kirk at Ajax Engines