Schwing Racing

The Driver

Dave Burchell

Crew Chief:Dave Aldighieri
Crew Members:Tina, Dave Friel, Dario, Dante and Sharon
Achievements:YEARS RACING: 10 HOBBIES: Racing, Hockey WHY DRAG RACING: Love for speed, power, cars DREAM CLASS TO DRIVE IN: Top Sportsman FAVOURITE CLASS TO WATCH: Pro Mod FAVOURITE TRACK TO RACE AT: Summit Motorsports Park - Norwalk, OH ONE THING I WOULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT DRAG RACING: A sport where your competitors are like teammates - always looking to help and support each other "DAVE's NOT HERE MAN"

The Car

Top Sportsman

67 Chevy Nova

Engine: Nitrous Injected 565

Sponsors: FD Power, Union Boiler Company, Ginos Automatic Transmission and Anything Stainless