Wild Bill Devine

The Driver

Wild Bill

Crew Members:Cheryl Devine, Steve Flanagan, Tony Gentile, Steve DeAngelis
Biography:YEARS RACING: 41 HOBBIES: Racing, racing, racing and oh yeah Racing! WHY DRAG RACING: Funny car shootout in the 70s I went to as a kid, working in my grandfathers auto parts store seeing all the street cars back then and dealing with the customers as a young lad... DREAM CLASS TO DRIVE IN: Pro Stock FAVOURITE CLASS TO WATCH: No favourite, like them all FAVOURITE TRACK TO RACE AT: US131 in Martin, Michigan and Grand Ben Motorplex in Grand Bend, Ontario ONE THING I WOULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT DRAG RACING: It's 8 hours of work for 4 seconds of fun and I still love it "Former Marine, Police. Responsible, logical, loyal, not too egotistical, respectful, competitive and not petty. Bad guys are my enemy, you will know quickly if your one and they are few and far between."

The Car

Outlaw 10.5

Engine: SBF 427

Sponsors: Bullseye Power