Sponsor Highlight – Lowdown Hot Rods

If you are looking for a new chassis for a new build, or looking to update your current project, then turn to LOWDOWN HOT RODS to help you build what you need.

lowdown_hotrodsThe team at Lowdown Hot Rods invite you to join their team in the fun of making your dreams a reality. They are experienced in building Hot Rods, Race Cars, Trucks, Pro Touring Cars, Show Quality Drivers and more.  Lowdown Hot Rods can build complete chassis’, suspensions and turn key cars. They have the experience and the customers to prove it.
Owners Tom and Linda VanderGeld began operating Lowdown Hot Rods about 15 years ago in Cambridge, Ontario. Tom explained that they do not build cars for street racing, as their typical customer is someone willing to spend an extra dollar to make their dream car a reality. “Those old cars never rode and handled like we thought they did.” Customers want their cars to look like original thirties, forties, or fifties cars, but with all the comforts, appointments and reliability of today’s new cars. Including air conditioning, front and rear suspension, transmission, and performance.
Customers can either bring their car to Lowdown Hot Rods to be completely re-built, or Lowdown Hot Rods can locate a vehicle to build for his customer. Because the work is so specialized and detailed, Lowdown might only build two or three cars a year.
Tom formerly worked with Paul Horton in chassis and suspension building. Specializing in mainly 1929 to 1940 Fords. With influences from people such as Boyd Coddington. Tom has developed Lowdown Hot Rods to build custom cars and chassis’ with those modern comforts and conveniences.
lowdown_smLowdown Hot Rods also specializes in Race Car construction, and chassis’. Both of Tom and Linda’s sons, Brody and Austin, are competing with high horsepower rear-engined dragsters. Brody is a strong competitor in the Ultimate Showdown Drag Racing Series with his supercharged Lowdown Hot Rods dragster, running in the Top Dragster class. Austin debuted his white and purple dragster this season after completing his licencing runs and competes on the local tracks with a strong combination.
So whether you are looking to build new or update your current street car, race car or custom car. Give Tom VanderGeld a call at Lowdown Hot Rods or visit them online at http://www.lowdownhotrods.com/ to make your dream a reality.