Sponsor Highlight – Shellborne Fuels

Shellbourne Fuels has been providing a variety of High Performance and full out racing fuels for a number of competitive world challengers. If you are looking for racing fuels that can significantly improve your track performance, expect to get the best at Shellbourne Fuels.

shelbourne_transEvery racer would surely want to get only the best racing fuels that will enable them to win races. The typical fuels are good, but they might not give you the best performance that you are looking for. The key secret in order to win, is a combination of the best race car, the best driver, and the top performing racing fuel. And when it comes to high performance racing fuels, Shellbourne Fuels can give you just that.

By checking out the racing fuels offered by Shellbourne Fuels, you will learn just how much more improvement you can get out of using the fuel enhancers that they have to offer. Shellbourne provides fuel enhancers for the automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Shellbourne Fuels manufactures a variety of fuel enhancers specific to automotive applications and customer needs. This user friendly product provides consumers with the convenience of an environmentally friendly one shot application, and ultimate engine performance. Both gasoline and diesel enhancers modify the energy of pump fuels to boost both the octane and cetane counts.

For diesel applications, Shellbourne Fuels provides properties that substantially improve the performance quality of good to mediocre fuels. Adding their enhancers provides major savings in fuel consumption, and equipment maintenance. The Diesel Enhancer improves combustion, so that toxic emissions that are released into the air, are greatly reduced.

Shellbourne Fuel products are now sold throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and China. They supply the automotive, marine, motorcycle, and industrial sectors with a variety of fuel system cleaners, fuel enhancers, coolants and semi-synthetic lubricants.

Shellbourne Fuels is a manufacturer that is becoming an iconic Canadian brand with an illustrious history, outstanding quality and service, high integrity, great employees, countless devoted customers, and products that are made in Canada.

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